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He was a Racist. A Jailed Revolutionary.
Until Truth Found a Way into his Cell.

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“. . . a heart-pounding book, a thing of beauty that kicks the mind with spur after spur.”

      — Michael Novak
         American Enterprise Institute

In the early 1980’s Joe Pearce was a leader of Britain’s racist National Front. He edited its newspaper, Bulldog. He consorted with terror organizations in Northern Ireland and neo-Nazi punk rockers in London.

And before he was twenty-five, he was sentenced to prison twice.

But in the confines of his jail cell Pearce discovered the great Christian and conservative writers of the 20th Century. Men like Chesterton. Solzhenitsyn. Lewis. Belloc. And Tolkien.

His life would never be the same.

In this exhilarating memoir, Joseph Pearce shares his amazing journey from racist revolutionary to champion of Christendom. Order your copy today, and join Joseph Pearce as he recounts his thrilling Race with the Devil.

The author of almost twenty books and a frequent speaker and lecturer, Joseph Pearce is one of the foremost literary biographers writing today. He has chronicled among others the life and works of Shakespeare, Chesterton, Belloc, Solzhenitsyn, C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien. 

 "Race With the Devil is a harrowing - and exhilarating - account of how God laid hold of a tumultuous soul and brought it to joy. Very highly recommended."

      — Dr. Thomas Howard
           On Being Catholic
 "This book is a lively, informative, and many times a surprising book of a life, the contours of which most of us had no idea. Pearce always writes well and vividly. This book itself belongs to that Catholic 'literary tradion' about which Pearce writes of so well."

      — James V. Schall
           S.J., Emeritus Professor,
           Georgetown University
"Joseph Pearce's new book races with the throbbing pace of a Graham Greene novel. To live in light and in love, he must climb a steep dark mountain. Pearce has crafted a heart-pounding book, a thing of beuty that kicks the mind with spur after spur."

      — Michael Novak
American Enterprise Institute
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